Thin High Aspect Ratio Arrayed Features

About This Project

One of the many benefits of the Electrochemical Machining (ECM) process is that it is a non-contact process. As a result, Voxel is able to provide our customers with unique features such as these thin, high aspect ratio walls in a tightly spaced array. Conventional manufacturing processes struggle with part and tool deflection in addition to heat generation when attempting to create features such as these. The thin fins shown here are less than 0.004” thick and stand 0.125” tall.

The feature shape, thickness, spacing, and height are all easily modified with a change in tooling. A single tool is capable of producing parts in high volumes due to the lack of tool wear. Capitalizing on this characteristic of ECM, Voxel can help you take a design from proof of concept to high volume production.


Stainless Steel


+/- 0.001

Voxel's Value

Create geometry not possible with conventional methods

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