Our Business

Voxel is an innovator in Pulsed Electrochemical Machining (PECM), an advanced manufacturing process unrivaled in its ability to quickly and accurately machine specialty metal alloys found in a variety of critical applications including orthopedic implants, surgical tools, jet engines, and industrial turbines.  Our mission is to use PECM and related manufacturing technologies to supply critical, high-value parts to medical, aerospace, energy, and industrial customers.

Voxel is inspired by three core concepts:


Voxel is focused on creating manufacturing solutions to important world problems including healthcare, clean transportation, energy production, and energy efficiency.


Voxel is devoted to producing tangible real-world products. Voxel employees will be able to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from offering meaningful products and services.


Voxel is devoted to maintaining a culture of innovation that is often found at the intersection of different disciplines. Successful implementation of PECM requires knowledge of material science, electrochemistry, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Voxel was incorporated in Raleigh, NC in late 2015 after three years of business plan development, customer networking, discussions with suppliers and domain experts, and in-depth process research. Voxel has designed, built, and is currently operating its own proprietary PECM machine and engages in R&D, process development, prototypes, and volume production.

Meet Our Team

Founder and CEO

Daniel Herrington

From 2005 to 2011 Daniel was a professional racecar driver, winning multiple races and raising over $1,000,000 in sponsorship funds.  Over that same period, Daniel received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from NC State University and a MS in Engineering Management from Duke University.  During his time at Duke University, Daniel worked extensively on commercialization, business development, and research projects for Acorn Energy, Acuity Edge, and femtoMass Inc.

After graduating from Duke, Daniel worked at the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E) within the Department of Energy where he advised teams from universities, national labs, start-ups, and multinational companies on commercialization strategies. Starting in 2013, Daniel began consulting in the metal additive manufacturing and electrochemical machining industry, exploring new business opportunities in this sector. Voxel Innovations is based on Daniel’s passion for advanced manufacturing, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and solving critical energy and transportation challenges.

COO and Project Manager

Michael Bromley

Prior to joining Voxel, Michael was a Mechanical Engineer at L-3 Unmanned Systems where he designed and manufactured aerospace components and tooling.  After recognizing the need for further emphasis on design for manufacturability Michael proposed and created a manufacturing engineer group and fulfilled the position of Lead Manufacturing Design Engineer at L-3 Unmanned Systems. In this position he leveraged his manufacturing background to provide key technical input on all hardware designs and promoted continual process improvement.  Michael’s expertise lies in lean manufacturing, tool design, CAD/CAM, prototyping, and FEA and is passionate about using manufacturing innovations to drive new product development improvements. Michael received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech where he also led engine tuning and development for the Formula SAE team.

Principal Scientist and Electrochemist

Dr. Eric Rountree

In 2017, Eric obtained a PhD from the University of North Carolina in Inorganic Chemistry, under the advisement of Prof. Jillian Dempsey. His dissertation was on the electrochemical and spectroscopic study of electron transfer as it relates to fuel production, and more specifically, the hydrogen evolution reaction. As a graduate student, Eric was a founding member of the electrochemistry group in the Dempsey research lab and was instrumental in shaping the direction and vision of group. At Voxel, Eric is focused on utilizing fundamental electrochemistry concepts to better characterize Voxel’s PECM process, evaluate new materials, and optimize processing conditions. In addition, Eric is leveraging his experience in research and development by spearheading efforts to expand the capabilities of PECM through process innovation.

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